In general, the Genius programme is´s loyalty programme for travelers, open to anyone who has booked and completed two stays using in the last two years. Once they opt-in, their membership never expires. 

Why should hoteliers join?  
The benefits are the same as usual, more visibility on searches and (reportedly) even more revenue even if you take into account the discount you have to offer. There are some relatively easy hoops to jump through for your property such as having at least 5 guest reviews, having a score of at least 7.5 and be among the top 50% performers in your city/area. Once you are a 

How/where do hoteliers join?
You sign up on the extranet. 

What should hoteliers be aware of?
The minimum discount you have to offer to join the Genius programme, is 10% off your cheapest/best-selling room rates. As you can imagine, you can get more visibility by diversifying here. 

But be aware that this is in addition to any offers or campaigns you may already be participating in. It is our experience that hoteliers are sometimes a little too eager to join all sorts of campaigns and minimum stay offers for fear of missing out and when you add the Genius participation on top of that, you may be slightly disappointed to see what part of your original room rate you receive in the end. 

If you have been a part of the Genius programme and opt out of it, you will have to wait for 6 months before being able to re-join it.  

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